Specializing in companion animal MRI

Bringing superior diagnostic imaging techniques to the veterinary community.

Vet Imaging Partners was formed to bring the superior diagnostic imaging techniques from human medicine to the veterinary community with reasonable cost and easy access.

We provide a service to your family veterinarian and/or specialist, allowing them to determine the cause of your furry family member’s symptoms and choose the best treatment option for them. Our goal is to help your pet return to a healthy, happy life, and we want to be a fundamental step in that process. As pet parents ourselves, we know how important the little ones are to your family.

While veterinary use of smaller MRI scanners has spread in the past few years, we believe that your pet deserves the same level of care and technological resources that people receive, so we utilize the same equipment and expertise that human hospitals would use to scan you or your (human) children.

That’s why Vet Imaging Partners provides the safest and best quality scans for your pet in the Delaware Valley area

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About Vet Imaging Partners

Vet Imaging Partners was originally based in the Newcastle, DE area, but soon relocated to Norristown in order to better serve the Delaware Valley region. In 2011, we moved from a mobile MRI unit to an indoor, stationary scanner, and remodeled our offices to provide a pleasant waiting lounge for clients. As we grow and develop, our aim is to provide clients and their pets with a comfortable experience and the safest, best quality diagnostic procedures possible.

We use the same equipment that a hospital would for you or your child undergoing a MRI scan: a high resolution superconducting scanner, state of the art MRI compatible anesthesia and monitoring equipment, and experienced staff from the human and veterinary fields to take care of your loved one.

Our goal is to be the first step on your pet’s path back to health and happiness. We will work closely with your family- or specialty-veterinarian to quickly and accurately diagnose your pet’s ailment so he or she may receive immediate and effective treatment.

Patient Testimonials

Thank you for all that Vet Imaging Partners has done for our pets!

Why Vet Imaging Partners?

  • Provide the best images to diagnose the problem,
  • Provide the safest experience for your pet when acquiring those images, and
  • Provide exemplary service to you and your veterinarian at a fair cost.

Latest News at Vet Imaging

New Website Launched
Our brand new website (you’re looking at it now) is launched! We hope you enjoy the new design and ease of use. If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Us.