Veterinarians – How can MRI enhance your practice?

For Veterinarians: How can MRI enhance your practice?

The Referral Process

After you have examined your patient and feel a scan is needed, you or your client can call us any time at 610-666-1023 to schedule an appointment. If you do not have copies of our current referral forms at your office, we can fax them or you can download them from the Forms section on this site.

  • From the veterinarian, we need the referral form with history and area to be scanned, and a pre-anesthetic blood panel (CBC/chem.) from the past month.
  • If the client is going to bring the patient themselves, they can fill out the owner consent form here at our office.
  • If they will need transportation from your facility, please have them fill out the owner and transportation consent forms and fax them along with the referral form and CBC/chem. results to us at 610-666-1025.

If you have any questions or concerns about the case that you would like to review with the doctors overseeing the MRI, please call us prior to the appointment and ask to speak with the veterinarian overseeing anesthesia or the radiologist, depending on your concern.

  • All pertinent information, including medical record, results of recent blood work, ultrasounds or cardiology workups, etc., should be faxed to us in advance of the appointment. Please send all documents to us as soon as you make the recommendation to your client. Lab results older than two weeks may need to be repeated, depending on the patient’s condition.
  • On the day of the scan, our veterinarian will review the patient’s medical history and perform a physical exam prior to anesthesia.
  • If, for some reason, hospitalization or transfer to a specialty service is recommended, a veterinarian will call you directly to discuss the case.


We do not have a special “stat” charge, because we consider all of your requests to be stat, in order to provide you with the best possible service. We send images directly to our radiologist as we perform the scan, so that he or she is able to review them in near-real time.

  • All images will be reviewed in detail by a veterinary board-certified radiologist with years of experience interpreting MRI studies.
  • In most cases, the radiologist will call your office within a few hours so that you can follow up with your client as quickly as possible. We will give to the client (or send back with the patient) copies of the study on CDs for you and the client. If we have your PACS server information, we can also send the images directly to you. A written radiology report will be emailed or faxed to your office within 24 hours.
  • So that you retain complete control of case management, we will not discuss any specific results or treatment options directly with your client. We will, however, be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the radiologist’s report.

Cost and Services

Please call for prices and availability.

Indications & Symptoms for Diagnostic MRI
  • Cervical, Thoracolumbar or Lumbosacral Pain
  • Lameness & Ataxia
  • Paraparesis, Hemiparesis, Tetraparesis
  • Hypermetria/Dysmetria
  • Urinary Control & Defecation Difficulties
  • Non-Orthopedic Muscle Atrophy
  • Edema of Unknown Origin
  • Soft Tissue & Neurological Trauma
  • Seizures & Tremors
  • Head Tilt & Vestibular Symptoms
  • Nasal/Paranasal Sinus Diseases
  • Blindness, Anisocoria, Strabismus, or Horner’s Symptoms
  • Facial Paralysis & Dysphagia
  • Hiding, Head Pressing, or other Behavioral Changes
  • Tumors & Oncology Issues
  • Tendon & Ligament Injuries

We provide you with timely, personal contact and reports, so you can diagnose and treat your patients quickly and efficiently.

Our transportation service effectively brings MRI services directly to your facility – clients can leave their pets at your office, and we’ll take it from there. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with the high cost of purchase, installation, maintenance and staffing a superconducting